Buddha wall artBuddha wall art Buddha wall art

Buddha wall art

From CHF 71
Black NightBlack Night Black Night

Black Night

From CHF 71
Aerial dark blue wavesAerial dark blue waves Aerial dark blue waves

Aerial dark blue waves

From CHF 71
Chess KingChess King Chess King

Chess King

From CHF 71
Abstract Buddha faceAbstract Buddha face Abstract Buddha face

Abstract Buddha face

From CHF 71
Chess QueenChess Queen Chess Queen

Chess Queen

From CHF 71
Gray marbleGray marble Gray marble

Gray marble

From CHF 71
Gold IceGold Ice Gold Ice

Gold Ice

From CHF 71
Tropical LeopardTropical Leopard Tropical Leopard

Tropical Leopard

From CHF 71
Music wall artMusic wall art Music wall art

Music wall art

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Waves MarbleWaves Marble Waves Marble

Waves Marble

From CHF 71
Mountain view by JMountain view by J Mountain view by J

Mountain view by J

From CHF 71
Abstract buddha (dark tons)Abstract buddha (dark tons) Abstract buddha (dark tons)

Abstract buddha (dark tons)

From CHF 71
The Lennon Wall Canvas Wall ArtThe Lennon Wall Canvas Wall Art The Lennon Wall Canvas Wall Art

The Lennon Wall Canvas Wall Art

From CHF 71
Petals Zoom ViewPetals Zoom View Petals Zoom View

Petals Zoom View

From CHF 71
The good sideThe good side The good side

The good side

From CHF 71

Wall arts make essential pieces of the home decor game. When you have large walls to dress up, picking a large wall art can generate a high impact. Especially if you are not a fan of staring at windowless blank walls, canvas art is the easiest way out.

It is an effective way to optimize spaces. By pouring attention to the one big element, the area looks welcoming and clutter-free. 

The design ideas for placing small canvas wall art are simple. However, some clever techniques let you make the most of large wall art as well.

Choosing the wall

While putting a small canvas requires minimum or no thought before, picking the right wall for large wall art can be tricky. Spaces in the hallway, foyer area, or boring walls with no fixtures are the most likely options. While shopping as well, keep the wall in question in your mind.

Also, the less clutter the wall has, the better. Large wall art next to huge windows cannot do justice to the artwork. It is probably because the attention is on multiple items. Pick a wall space that is vast and lacks any other elements.

Hang it right

You may be a fan of oversized wall art but placing it right is what gives your home decor that edge. We suggest going unconventional! Go for paneled, modern art for the spaces of your home instead of a single canvas. Pick up one with unique and big prints, such as one with the print of a highway or simply one showcasing line drawings. These artworks transform the room for good. And, your guests cannot help but admire your interiors.

Moreover, paneled large wall art can be a savior when you have a large area to cover. Splitting them up makes the home decor look cohesive and adds a pop of color.

Browse Motivart to find some affordable quality large wall arts.

Placing furniture

For the best experience, let the large wall art be the subject in the room. Place a minimalist art and align your sofas and chair around the art. Assigning value to the oversized wall art is easy to achieve by taking care of seating around.

Another way to do it the way interior decorators do it is by placing the bed or sofa opposite to the paintings. The decoration in either way gives a high-end feeling to the large wall art. The large artwork has some principles that work best in the home décor.

Get creative

Following tips and style ideas for home is an excellent way to enhance the beauty of your home. However, a bit of creativity is essential when it comes to decorating. To add to the visual interest to your apartment, printed stretched canvas requires one to explore personal choices as well. The idea is to become the artist to decorate your home.

Irrespective of your budget, Motivart has a collection of images and prints for large wall arts for your house.

Before the next purchase of artwork for your house, visit the site and set the pace of your interiors right!

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