New Wall Decor = New Chapter of your Life 

Think back to the first time you decided to change the art in your room.

I guess it was for a special event - For me, it was when I was 9 years old. I bought some posters of my favorite basketball player and  threw away my old drawings. 

Then, for each particular event (new class, first girlfriend, first apartment alone, etc.), I realized I had this need for new decoration that would match my "new me."

So, if you feel you need a change, try redecorating your space! Art is a vehicle of communication and you might want to express something new..

..and guess what? We are here to help.

But first, Who are we?

Let me explain..

« Art is the beginning of a conversation & you are the one to finish it »

I am Edwin, passionate about visual art, colors, patterns and the way it can affect how we feel. I learnt about art & interior design to make sure we could create something different - something that would express new ideas, touch all senses & spark intense feelings.

Jonathan is the other co-founder, he is the first artist of motiv-art. He is one of the most talented person I know. His creativity is mind blowing and his attention to detail make amazing render. 

Why we failed multiple times when we launched Motiv-art ?

We launched the online art gallery a few year ago but we failed. 

Jonathan & I, had only 1 collection and we thought that would be enough. 

Our goal was to create an inspirational atmosphere in work space. So we learnt about motivation and got our inspiration from quotes and motivational speeches. 

A Few weeks of work later, we were so proud to announce the Motivation collection was created. 

And after 2 months of launch… just a few sales + a loss of thousands of $$$.

"Were our painting too bad? " I thought.

We were about to quit.. Jonathan said, « why we don't talk to people about it? » At least we would know why we failed. 

..After hundreds of conversation we realized that motivation was not the only emotion that people want to feel at work or at home..

Some prefer to work in a space that spark creativity, Positive emotions, calmness, ..

Our first (painful) lesson learnt, we were ready to give a last shoot. But this time, we created 1 collection per emotion. 

Abstract for Calmness 

Pop art for creativity

Atmosphere for Adventure


All of that to say.. It’s not a print. Each piece has a story that hopefully will resonate with you.

Motiv-art's story