Mountain ViewMountain View Mountain View

Mountain View

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Office PaintingOffice Painting Office Painting

Office Painting

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Dirty Marble TextureDirty Marble Texture Dirty Marble Texture

Dirty Marble Texture

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White GraniteWhite Granite White Granite

White Granite

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Ice CrackingIce Cracking Ice Cracking

Ice Cracking

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Water FallWater Fall Water Fall

Water Fall

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Cracking Marble TilesCracking Marble Tiles Cracking Marble Tiles

Cracking Marble Tiles

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Yellow SmokeYellow Smoke Yellow Smoke

Yellow Smoke

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New York Illustration GroupedNew York Illustration Grouped New York Illustration Grouped

New York Illustration Grouped

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Black LineBlack Line Black Line

Black Line

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Shore Coast MountainShore Coast Mountain Shore Coast Mountain

Shore Coast Mountain

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Lightning textureLightning texture Lightning texture

Lightning texture

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Dirty GraniteDirty Granite Dirty Granite

Dirty Granite

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Grey and Bronze Multi panelsGrey and Bronze Multi panels Grey and Bronze Multi panels

Grey and Bronze Multi panels

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Marble Paper MixedMarble Paper Mixed Marble Paper Mixed

Marble Paper Mixed

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Window ViewWindow View Window View

Window View

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Instead of boring walls you can completely change the look and feel of the wall space available in your living room or dining room with the perfect large artwork. The artwork can represent the work of our artists who use both photography and canvas to express their ideas. If you are looking for a particular style of painting to give the room a sophisticated feel then opt for an artwork by Motivart artists. Art is something personal. But when you think of style and fine art it is something that you will find we offer exclusivity. When you think of purchasing framed prints there are certain factors that you must take into consideration.

Selecting a suitable wall art

Wall art can also be canvas art if it is printed in stretched. Art by Motivart artists is designed on a piece of canvas then you can consider it to be a large wall art but one that has a unique style. When you think of large wall art done by an artist it can be prints, paintings, landscapes, print and images. If you search on Motivart you will find print of different styles, with motivational canvas framed to enhance the look and feel of your apartment. At Motivart you can check different categories and find huge wall art at affordable rate. Motivart has acceptance of print submitted by artists who have created unique images. The objective is to provide affordable large wall art to customers shopping for images that matter. These prints can be in the form of photo or canvas painting designed to give the room a unique appeal. If you want to add a different look to the furniture and stationery in the room then you can select a motivational print that completely changes the look of area.

Finding the ideal large wall art

At Motivart you can shop for art that can be a print of the world from the perspective of an artist. You can choose a canvas or a print and have these in the recently viewed items if you are unsure as to which would ideally suit your house. A canvas is different from a print, but both can add a modern appeal to your home. If you opt for a print you will have a choice from motivational one to abstract print. When you hang up a print on a wall of your house you give it a modern and trendy appeal. You can have a print of the modern art which can make your home intriguing and interesting for the guests. Similarly , a print with an abstract art can have a soothing effect depending on the color scheme that you choose. Thus, a print hung up on the wall of your house can completely change the look and feel of your home.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How do I clean big wall art?

Our wall arts are made from highly durable materials that require minimum to no care. However, with minimal precautions and care, you can further improve the longevity of your big wall art. Follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  • Hang the wall art in a moisture-free place
  • Dust it with a clean, dry cloth
  • Protect it from direct sunlight exposure
  • Avoid cleaning in a circular motion to prevent scratches

Please Note: To protect the original chemical composition of wall art, avoid using harsh solvent and cleaners. You can use a damp cloth.

2. What kind of packaging material do you use?

To ensure the safety of our products, we use durable and water-proof packaging materials. Also, all the framed items are covered securely in a flexible hardboard that locks the frame in position.

We use paper wrap instead of bubble wrap to wrap the big wall art. It is because of the fact that bubble wrap touching the artwork could cause static and can damage the artwork. However, to enhance the durability of the packing we use bubble wrap, in the end, to absorb shock and abrasion during the transit.

3. What are the differences between big and small wall art?

Smaller wall art is ideal for small spaces or corridors. It allows for more flexibility. Also, it gives you a chance to combine it with the other artwork on a wall. Placing a smaller and more detailed wall art invites you to stop and study.

Big, bold wall art is best for large rooms or hallways. It usually requires more space and it should be carefully picked out for a particular spot. Having a bigger artwork piece is best appreciated from a distance.

For more information, please contact us. One of our experts will answer all your questions.

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