Indoor Plant Guide

Indoor Plant Guide

Are you an indoor plant enthusiast, and wondering what plant should you bring home? You would love to give your house a refreshing splash of nature!

Indoors plants work as a reflection of nature in our interior design. These fascinating species and types of houseplants add elegance to our home and possess incredible powers to positively influence people's souls! 

Millennials’ Love for Indoor Plants!

Millennials’ Love for Indoor Plants

Most of the Millennials have an obsession for indoor plants. Plants can transform our living space into a more peaceful, tranquil and inviting place. But in our busy working days, many of us do not find enough time to plant, grow and care for these soul refreshing buddies.

During the ongoing pandemic scenario, all of us are spending most of our time at home. One of the perks of staying home is that you can fulfil your desire to be surrounded by lush green fellows. You can be a plant parent now as you have ample time to monitor the frequency and intensity of heat and light that enters your home. You can see your green buddy is growing every day!

How to Determine the Intensity of Light?

There are several species of indoor plants that require different proportions of light and heat every day. There are also many plants that can sustain a less bright and cold indoor environment. Here you go with a set of guidelines to determine the intensity of light that your indoor environment has!

  • Direct Bright Light
  • If you stand by a window and feel the heat in a few minutes. Your interior has direct bright light.

  • Medium Light
  • If you have the type of reflective light that makes your space, luminous, but you cannot directly feel the sun pounding on you. However, around the noon you are to turn off artificial lights and the indoor is still well-lit. Your interior has medium light.

  • Low Light
  • Whether you need an artificial light during the day and the light inside your home gives you the impression of sitting under a shady tree. Your interior has low light.

    Still, the GOOD NEWS is that the experts believe, if you have a window, no matter how small it is, you can have a plant!

    Picking the Right Plant for Your Home!

    Now that you have made your mind to get a green fellow home, all you need to do is to pick the right plant for your home. If you want to place your indoor plant by the window, then you must consider the right type of plant. You can also get your favorite plant and consider other placing options, away from direct sunlight. As most of the indoor plants require care and could not survive direct sunshine due to their tendency to burn. There are some of the most air-cleaning, mood-boosting varieties and long-living species with little care required. 

    Here you go with a couple of good started plants: 

  • Cactuses
  • Pothos 
  • Peace Lilies
  • Succulents 
  • Spider Plants
  • Snake Plants
  • Anthuriums 
  • Heart-Shaped Philodendrons

  • Let’s move forward and discuss some exciting ideas about incorporating these amazing plants to your home. Here you go with a list of the best indoor plant décor ideas that you would surely fall for!


  • Sansevieria Plant
  • If you love plants and have little time to care for them, then Sansevieria is for you. It is also known as snake plant. It has fine shades and brings a much-needed visual stimulus to your home. It is a plant that can last up to a month without water. You can also place it in the living space with a very low inflow of sunlight. 

    Here you go with some ideas to help you decorate your home with a Sansevieria plant!

  • Place it to your living room centre table to let the happiness flow like this:
  • How about furnishing a hallway with an exciting dash of Sansevieria with horizontal potting?
  • Never underestimate the potential of a corner occupied with a Sansevieria:
  • Amazing! You would wonder, “what else can be wished for in a life?”
  • An elegant Sansevieria placed by a window from where you can enjoy the snowfall as well! Now, THIS IS LOVE!
  • Go for a textured planter pot with your favorite Sansevieria.
  • You can also create layers using Sansevieria


  • Peace Lily
  • Peace Lily brings an appealing flavor to your home. It creates a minimalistic look. It is also called Spathiphyllum Wallisii. There grows pleasant white flowers known as spathes that blossom and spread joy where it is placed. Peace Lily has shiny leaves that add charm to its appearance. All you need to do is to allow a certain amount of sunlight and water to make this beautiful plant grow. You can also place a planter pot with Peace Lily on your work desk.

    Here you go with some ideas to help you decorate your home with Peace Lilies!

  • Let is spread freshness from the bedside table like:
  • You can place it by a window from in the west:
  • It goes perfectly with a neutral color scheme:
  • This is why the selection of planter pots matters!
  • How about magnifying your staircase?


  • Jade Plant 
  • The Jade plant is another most loved indoor plants. It is also called Crassula Ovata. It is very common and easy to care for. The Jades have thick trunks and oval shaped leaves with a shiny look. 

    Here you go with some exciting ideas to decorate your home with Crassula Ovata!

    1. Go for traditional potting:
  • Place it by the window
  • Place a huge planter pot in the corner and let the Jades grow freely!
  • Add an inviting look to your home with Jade in a white planter pot


  • African violet
  • An G. African violet is a wonderful flowering type species. It is also called Saintpaulia. The best part about African Violet is that it will flower at any time of the year provided that you offer due care and environment. This plant is a little more attention seeker and starts showing moods if you ignore it for a couple of days. All you have to do is to groom it everyday and remove the dead flowers and leaves. Just offer more love and get back even more in return!

    Here are a couple of ideas to help you decorate your home with African violet!

  • What else could inspire you?
  • Add a white ceramic pot with African Violets to your living room table to see the magic!
  • Go Boho with such a unique setting of this appealing plant:
  • How about utilizing an old glass jar to plant sophistication?
  • Make an old cup cake, try at home to African Violets!
  • Now this is jaw dropping!


  • Weeping Fig
  • Weeping fig is a tree, plant which has a botanical name of Ficus benjamina. It is a common tropical tree plant for indoors. It sheds a lot of leaves for which it is called a “weeping” fig. You can use in your offices and it also goes well with contemporary home décor.

    Here you go with a few ideas to help you decorate your home with Figue Pleureuse!

  • See the grace of this blue and white pot with a weeping fig
  • You would surely fall for this color scheme
  • See how simplicity can create elegance with a weeping fig:

  • How about incorporating it like this?
  • Take a look of this analogous scheme where a Weeping Fig is showcasing beauty:


  • Baby Rubber Plant
    Baby Rubber Plant is found in tropical and sub-tropical regions. It is also called Peperomia. It is a very common and loved house plant. It has dark green leaves that never fail to add life to a dull living space. 
    The shape of its leaves is rounded and has a moist feel when you touch them. 


  • Here are a few ideas to help you design your home with Baby Rubber Plant!

  • Use a stylish planter pot to plant the Baby Rubber plant like this.
  • Place a unique planter pot with this plant to any table and you will love it!.
  • A metal pot with a Rubber Plant will brighten up your home!.
  • It still works with a plain planter pot!
  • See the elegance embedded in a gray pot


  • Spider Plant 
  • The spider plant has a spread that looks like a spider extending its legs. It looks beautiful and requires less care and maintenance. It is also called Chlorophytum Comosum. In the spring and summer, it flowers from the stems that magnify its beauty. There are several varieties of the spider plant and it is easy to propagate.  If you are a carefree soul and love to parent a plant then spider plant is for you!

    Here you go with stunning decoration ideas to decorate your house with spider plant!

  • See what a cute little spider plant is doing on the table!
  • You can decorate your corners with a set of spider plant like:
  • Now this is amazing!
  • You're gonna love this!
  • A glass vase with water and colorful stone and a spider plant? AMAZING!

    How to Care for Indoor Plants?

    Everything that lives and comes into an interaction with the environment requires proper care. We have brought several basic aspects that you must consider caring for indoor plants and some additional care aspects for all the types of plants. Here you go!

    Care for indoor plants

    • Light
    • Water
    • Heat

    Additional care for all types of plants

    • Potting
    • Fertilizer
    • Humidity
    • Soil
    • Ventilation
    • Pests
    • Wintertime care

    Concluding Thoughts

    To your surprise, not all plants require such a detailed care. And many of the indoor plants require the least in return of spreading freshness in your home’s environment. You just have a glance at them, and a fulfilling touch of soothing nature will dive down into your soul. All you need to do is to bring them home and they would surely make you fall for them!