The color Emotion Guide - The emotions they evoke in Interior Design

Color is more than what people think. It has a substantial psychological effect on how we feel, it can also fix awkward spaces, make the room appear larger or smaller, and might completely change the mood of the space. 


Since thousands of colors exist, the Motivart Team prepared you with a guide which explains everything you need to know about the colors. (And hopefully, help you choose the wall art you need)


  1. Black: Mystery & Luxury

Black is a powerful color that signifies class, elegance, power, mystery and luxury. 

The render is usually great when use with bright shades. Be careful though, black can make the room looks smaller. In very large space it can add a dramatic touch which is usually appreciated.


Mood: Mystery & Luxury

Usually used in very large spaces, like reception area, living room, offices


2. Blue: Calmness, Relaxation & Serenity

Blue is a refreshing and relaxing color that sparks imagination and intelligence.

Blue is a color that represents the power of loyalty, confidence, and faith. It can also have positive effects on the mind and body: it evokes relaxation and may cause the body to create chemical compounds that relax and exude feelings of peace. 

Moreover it can help slow down the human metabolism. 


Mood: Calm & Serenity

Usually used in bedrooms or bathrooms.


3. Brown: Nature, Foundation & Neutral


Brown evokes health, nature, and the planet Earth.

It matches well with wood, Scandinavian style, and symbolizes elegance, healing, home & stability.


Mood: Nature & Neutral.  


Usually used everywhere

        4. Gray : Calmness & Neutral


Gray is a neutral, emotionless color, and symbolizes calm and sophistication.

This color is usually associated with the meanings of the other colors of the room.

It is usually used as a background color to let other colors shine.

Mood: Calmness & Neutral.

Usually used everywhere

       5. Green: Calmness & Neutral

Symbol of expansion, the environment as well as fertility, money, and security.

Green is a soothing color that appeals to the senses. It helps to relax and gives both physical and mental relaxation.

It can also help treat anxiety, depression, and nervousness. It also provides a sense of peace and renewal.

Mood: Calm & Peaceful.

Usually used in bedrooms or living rooms.


        6. Orange : Energy, Sunshine & Joy 


Orange brings together the energy of red and the joy of yellow. It is linked to joy and sunshine as well as the tropical climate.

Orange usually sparks happiness, creativity, motivation & stimulation. It also boosts the oxygen supply to brain cells, creates an invigorating effect and boosts the cognitive activity.

Mood: Energy & Motivation.

Usually used in kitchen, dining room or office


      7. Pink : Intimate, romantic & Comfort

Pink symbolizes love (romantic & friendship), compassion for others, and add a touch of feminism.

It's a cheerful color and used to bring a soft touch of warmth and comfort.
The pink hue can have a soothing effect on our energy, help you regulate your emotional balance by reducing anger.

Mood: Calmness & Comfort

Usually used in women spaces, bathroom, or bedroom

     8. Purple: Peace, Spiritual & Serenity

Purple blends the strength of blue with the energy of red. The hue of purple typically associated with nobility, royalty or power, luxury, and determination.
Purple is also a symbol of abundance, extravagance, creativity wisdom, dignity & serenity.

The color purple can have a array different effects that affect the body and mind and can be uplifting for spirits, soothing the nerves and mind and promoting the sacred giving you a sense of spirituality stimulating nurturing instincts and sensitivity.

Mood: Peace & Serenity.

Usually used in bedroom or living room

       9.Red : Love & Passion

Red is a warm color that sparks passion, energy, love, energy & determination.
Red is an energizing color and stimulates emotions and encourages us to act. It can also increases the rate of respiration & blood pressure.

Mood: Love & Energetic

Usually used in bedrooms or office.

        10. White : Purity & Peace

Symbol of purity, innocence, clean feelings, goodness, integrity, White also reflects openness, growth & creativity.

It provides a feeling of tranquility and peace as well as hope and comfort.
White is usually used in medical buildings as it can facilitate mental clarity, and spark a feeling of new beginnings. It also makes the room looks larger.

Mood: Purity & Peace.

Can be used everywhere

         11. Yellow: Happiness & Optimism

Symbol of positive energy, happiness, positivity & clarity.
Yellow stimulates certain parts of the brain which stimulate memory, improve learning and the communication, as well as well-being.

It can also spark creativity, ideal for office or kids room.

Mood: Happiness & Optimism.

Usually used in kitchen & kids room


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