Unique Graduation Gift Ideas for 2020

Graduation is one of the most important events for everyone, especially for parents. No wonder, every parent is happy and excited when they hear that their child is graduating - be it in primary or secondary. On the other hand, graduating from college is a different story.

When you hear the word graduation, you surely think of something to give - to show the way of complimenting or congratulating your friends, family, and relatives for completing a milestone in their lives.

There are tons of graduation gift ideas that will come into your mind - but you are still unsure if they are great as graduation gifts. So, we carefully picked the unique graduation gifts that will make anyone happy.

DIY Thing: Graduation Present Ideas

If you are aiming for unique graduation gifts, you might as well come up with a DIY project. In this way, you can put all the ideas in your mind and turn it into one fresh and original present. Doing art is fun - especially if you are in the mood to do it. You can create, imagine, and explore things with art. You will be able to do the things you never did as well as you can think of some ideas that will instantly pop up in your mind. Here are the following cool graduation gifts that will touch the graduate's heart and realize how you care for him:

  1. Motivational Canvass

A unique gift is one of the best ideas if you want to insert much effort and acknowledged by someone about it. Surely, there are lots of gifts out there when you go to the mall, but a unique one will do the job. A motivational canvass is a great present to a graduate - as he or she can place it in her bedroom. What's great about a motivational canvass is that it adds beauty and lightens the surrounding.

  1. Personalized Photo Collage

Who doesn’t love to see yourself in a frame, right? With this DIY photo collage, your time and effort will surely be appreciated – no matter how old a graduate is. Seeing the pictures – even the old ones will make them realized how old your friendship or relationship is and they will surely treasure it. If you don’t have a budget to decorate this photo collage, you can always look for the things that you can recycle and use them as decorations. Put everything together, make some borderlines, glue all those photos and put some sequins or old buttons at the edges. And hey! Don’t forget to write something meaningful about it.

  1. DIY Printable Wall Décor

Have you ever thought of printing those pictures you see on Pinterest, Google, etc.? That one-of-a-kind fonts and catchy backgrounds all in one frame – are good enough to be hang on the wall and place it on the living room as well as bedrooms. You just need to look over the internet printable decors and print it. Then, buy a frame – and wrapped it using a special wrapper and tie it.

  1. Foodie Goodie in a Jar

Everyone loves food – and that’s is not surprising! You can come up with a healthy snack or even a unique dessert. There are tons of it on YouTube – so, you can do it all throughout yourself. Even so, if you think you can’t do it, ask someone who can. You will be needing the ingredients you will use, a mini jar as a container, a specialty paper to cover up, the lid, and a ribbon to make it special. And oh! You can even add a wooden spoon too.

  1. Personalized Cellphone Cases

Anyone in their age especially those who are in their 16’s and above wants something that may help them look presentable – and using cases is one of the options. With the use of technology, you can even get a case customized with your own picture or simply a design of your choice. There are stores that offer that kind of service – you just have to look for the store that offers it at low cost – to save some penny, of course!

  1. Motivational Pencils

Okay, so if you are thinking of something special that a pre-schooler or grade-schooler would appreciate, I am sure that these motivational pencils will work as unique present ideas. Definitely, it can be in different colors so that those sparkling eyes will get excited every time they see it. As for the motivational line engraved to the pencil itself, those who already know how to read can be motivated as well while they are studying.

  1. Do-It-Yourself Planner

Those who are in high school & college level surely needs something that will help them be organized in what they are doing. These DIY planners will help them track everything in personal lives or even their needs in a certain class. Everything can be freely written here – some thoughts, ideas, and many more. Instead of buying at the mall or even go to a prestigious coffee shop, why don’t you make one? That way, you can save up additional money.

  1. Apple MacBook or Laptop with Casing

If you are a parent and wondering what kind of cool grad gift you will give to your college graduate, something useful but not usual will do. Like a laptop with great specs – Apple MacBook to be exact. This kind of present will be helpful and useful to him in the future and may use it for the long term.

  1. Essential Kit

With all the presents we have listed above; I think we forgot to list something the graduate actually needs in her everyday life. So, here we go. One unique gift to give to your graduate son or daughter is an essential kit. It is something he or she can use in his/her life – and even though you are not with them all the time; you can still ensure that they have the things they most need when maintaining themselves.

The Final Verdict

It is really difficult to think of a unique gift – especially when a person already has almost everything. Make sure to think creatively, so that you can come up with the best unique graduation gift that will truly mark a heart.