10 Office Ideas that will increase your motivation and productivity

If you work at home or at the office, physical environment affects your mood. Your office should embody your company’s values in a way that makes everyone at work feel motivated.
This works for your customer too, you don’t want people walking into the office with a bad first impression. That’s why at Motivart, we selected 10 ideas that could boost your productivity, keep you and your team productive every day.
 1. Motivational wall art stickers
This is the cheapest way to transform your walls with motivational things.
 2. Motivational frame with quotes
Frame is pretty good, you can change the design when you want!
inspirational wall art
This tryptic is available here.
Office art ideas
 3. Inspirational Canvas Wall Art
The best way to keep you and your team motivated, we truly believe in that. Add unique canvas to your wall, see our selection here. We sell passion & motivation all around the world. 

Quotes are good.. Allegories are just the next level.
Office wall art
We are always stronger than what we might think.. This is just a daily reminder. More info here

 4. Let your team members personalize their spaces
Everyone has their own style and taste, encourage them to integrate personalized elements. It can be something like photos, favorite artist...
10 Best Office Decor Ideas
 5. Add a bookshelf
Many people like to read at work to take a break, if you don't have a dedicated room for this one, simply stack some books on a coffee table it makes a great atmosphere.
5. Add a motivational clock
Motivate them until the end! Motivational clock rocks!
6. Natural lighting change everything
This is the primary element, Light. Natural lighting is always best, keep all window areas unobstructed to fill your workspace with a natural light as possible.
7. Add stylish furniture
People love stylish things, like this sofa! You can see our collection tropical here to get some inspiration. 
8. Add a fruit basket
Colorful fruit that gets you invigorated just by looking at it.
9. Customize your computer desktop
Little things can make the difference, try it.
10. Add vegetables
Vegetables make you feel good
11. Get artsy
Artistic wall art gives you inspiration.
12. Optimize your space
Make space work for you.