Office PaintingOffice Painting Office Painting

Office Painting

From €70,95
White GraniteWhite Granite White Granite

White Granite

From €70,95
Ice CrackingIce Cracking Ice Cracking

Ice Cracking

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Buddha wall artBuddha wall art Buddha wall art

Buddha wall art

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Abstract Buddha faceAbstract Buddha face Abstract Buddha face

Abstract Buddha face

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Abstract buddha (dark tons)Abstract buddha (dark tons) Abstract buddha (dark tons)

Abstract buddha (dark tons)

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Golden CrystalGolden Crystal Golden Crystal

Golden Crystal

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Buddha quotesBuddha quotes Buddha quotes

Buddha quotes

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Waves of MarbleWaves of Marble Waves of Marble

Waves of Marble

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Buddha MindBuddha Mind Buddha Mind

Buddha Mind

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Marble WavesMarble Waves Marble Waves

Marble Waves

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Abstract PearlsAbstract Pearls Abstract Pearls

Abstract Pearls

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Tropical BuddhaTropical Buddha Tropical Buddha

Tropical Buddha

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Mysterious BuddhaMysterious Buddha Mysterious Buddha

Mysterious Buddha

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Zen splashZen splash Zen splash

Zen splash

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Zen HandZen Hand Zen Hand

Zen Hand

From €70,95

Ideally, home is a happy place for almost everyone. With the privacy and comfort that homes provide, there is no extra effort that one needs to put in to enjoy life. Sticking to a few intended options can have the desired impact to achieve that calming place in the home. And, it is not about turning your place into a bland boring one.

If you are also aiming to turn your home into a calming space for yourself to thrive and dream for the future, we have great tips to help you do so.

Decide the color scheme 

Choosing the colors of the wall art may seem trivial but colors do have a strong way to influence our thoughts. For the zen wall decor, the hues generally range between light cool shades of blue and green. Place a few pillows in similar hues as well. You may have even spotted a canvas with a beach print in a therapy or yoga office. Other tones that soothe the mind include earthy shades such as yellow. Pastels also add beauty to walls without being too dramatic.

The best prints

Before you order just any print in cool or earthy tones, ensure that the print of the wall art is in line with the background color schemes and your desired view for the room. The prints that assimilate elements such as the moon, trees, or flowers make the wall look clear and beautiful. Another popular option in this category is buddha wall art. In a selection of colors and designs, these are the essential items for zen decor.

The size

But what does the size and shape of the wall art has to do with bringing serenity and peace? Like the colors and style, the dimensions of the wall art also influence the vibe in the room. Rather than cluttering the walls with a selection of small canvas, go for the canvases that will draw attention to your room. Staring at the bigger canvas for a moment that has a zen decor feel can be relaxing.

The meaning

When the walls depict a story and have associated meaning, they find a place in our minds and heart. If you randomly purchase any items, probably it will not create an atmosphere of peace. So, it is crucial to sort the kind of elements that convey a story. The same applies to the canvases too. Shop for something that will end your search and not make your room look like a puzzle.

Buying options

When you have to shop for paintings to turn your dwelling into a relaxing place, consider checking out from for the best offers.


Zen wall art or any calming painting change the house into a safe place to live. Furthermore, their use means using sticking to one item or two rather than spending a bigger price on several small items. Also, do not restrict yourself to the living room. You can even convert your bathroom into a zen wall decor adobe with the help of bathroom wall art. Get innovative and start shopping!

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