Playing ChessPlaying Chess Playing Chess

Playing Chess

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Million Dollar FormulaMillion Dollar Formula Million Dollar Formula

Million Dollar Formula

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Dollar BillsDollar Bills Dollar Bills

Dollar Bills

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Volcano "Explosion Formula"Volcano "Explosion Formula" Volcano "Explosion Formula"

Volcano "Explosion Formula"

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Benjamin Franklin Black MarbleBenjamin Franklin Black Marble Benjamin Franklin Black Marble

Benjamin Franklin Black Marble

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Dreams weight more than excusesDreams weight more than excuses Dreams weight more than excuses

Dreams weight more than excuses

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Mindset White CatMindset White Cat Mindset White Cat

Mindset White Cat

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In the Middle..In the Middle.. In the Middle..

In the Middle..

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Smooth SeaSmooth Sea Smooth Sea

Smooth Sea

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Fear is in the MindFear is in the Mind Fear is in the Mind

Fear is in the Mind

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Ambitious CityAmbitious City Ambitious City

Ambitious City

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Buddha quotesBuddha quotes Buddha quotes

Buddha quotes

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KING of HeartKING of Heart KING of Heart

KING of Heart

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Chase the BagChase the Bag Chase the Bag

Chase the Bag

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ExecutionExecution Execution


From €68,95

The workplace is no longer the dull shade walls and all work environment!

The modern-day office is not all about monotonous work. But there are decor pieces and artwork to please the eye. The changing concepts have made businesses more open and full of life. Also, it is impactful on the mind of visitors and employees as a place to look forward to and not dread it. It is right where motivation comes into play and artwork can contribute a hand in it.

So, if you have a home office or a shop that needs a makeover, starting with the walls is the best idea.

Why choose motivational wall art?

When you own a shop or an agency, for that matter, you need to remain motivated. Though it may sound effortless, the world comes with challenges. Infusing energy into the minds becomes effective when there is a canvas art conveying inspirational thoughts. But, not everybody requires the same inspiration. Moreover, when you decorate, your style should also reflect. Quirky or classic, there are unique choices for everyone on

Classic collection

When you are a fan of beautiful quotes for inspiration, display an image with an inspirational person right next to a quote by them. And voila! It may be a classic choice, but it is enough to inspire. What can be a better way to motivate than using a living example? We suggest picking up one with the writing in black with a wooden frame. Again a classic choice.

Quirky canvas art

If your profession is unconventional and allows the scope to be quirky, do not wait! Rather than opting for the classic and repeated quotes to motivate, pick something fun and vibrant. For instance, for a fashion career workspace, hang wall art with fancy dress quotes for the beauty. Similarly, ensure to get creative if it is a creative business. It is suitable to go for an unusual size or design than conventional choices suggest.

For the home

While we agree that offices are the prime spots for decoration that has encouraging words and items that showcase the same emotion, we cannot deny that your home can find a place for them too. It can be of great relevance when you see a painting in the morning that will remind you to stay focused. Place them in your gallery or home entrance and create the hustle.


If you are running out of ideas to gift a family member or a friend a present on their birthday or when they shift to a new home, order quality wall art from some specific artists that energize you. It can be a better gift than one can even imagine. A pro-tip that can come in handy is keeping in mind the color of the walls. White, grey, or green, before you gift, ensure that the painting is in agreement with the rest of the room.


Still, confused and cannot find a piece that has the perfect color or is designed for your wall? Seems like your search ends here! offers these at a price that can suit various budgets.

Shopping just became easier!