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Bohemian, farmhouse, or sea beach? Well, these are not places on the vacation list. These are the decoration styles that allow a dimension to your home. Farmhouse decoration style has a unique color and other elements that make it stand out. People love it because of the simplicity it carries.

While deciding to give your interior a change and opt for a farmhouse makeover and go shopping, some information is helpful. Read on!

Color canvas

The ultra-chic decoration style demands pastels and less bright hues to create a farmhouse-style room. A mix of yellow, beige, or white shows the acceptance of the theme. Ensure that you throw in a farm-style canvas that includes some pigs, cows, or a quote or two about the farm. Farm-related still-life makes an excellent canvas option to be hung on walls.

Elements on the wall

Contrary to the general notion that farmhouse decor is shabby or old, it can be contemporary, clean and clear, or even romantic. That allows styling with the help of some available items and making it more pocket-friendly. Use your imagination and find some farm-inspired canvas prints hang them down the hallway. Wooden baskets and weathered finished products on offers can add an adorable style quotient to the room. DIYs with currency, flowers, and wire baskets come in handy.

How to bring it together

After you add recently viewed items to your cart and shop from Motivart, it can still require a bit of creativity to put together the canvas according to your house interiors. To sort this, here are some quick suggestions.
When you order the canvas, ensure that you have a little idea about where to place them. Search for nooks and corners, that have bare walls in pastels or beige. Keep it clear in your head about the colors that you look for in canvas. If you think a complete farmhouse decor theme is not for you, you can always bring the farm home. Search for a canvas with a farm picture and you are done!

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