Chicago canvas wall artChicago canvas wall art Chicago canvas wall art

Chicago canvas wall art

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Instagram pictures full of travel pictures look tempting. The travel ad with deals on flight tickets looks even more attractive. Summing it up, traveling is beautiful, whether you have already traveled or plan to travel. 

If you cannot travel and feel like traveling credit to the perfectly placed ad, there still is a way to celebrate wanderlust. If you are a traveler already, you can do something to showcase the details of adventures. The idea is to do it through your home interiors!

Rocking travel theme interiors is exciting. It demands creativity and the search for items that promote the idea of a travel theme. Take notes and learn how you can do it right to create that feel in your house.

Wall art and canvas

Wall arts or canvas are one of the most impactful decor elements. Some artists make and sell beautiful travel-related canvas pieces that include travel destinations, posters, and even maps. Here is a great tip for beginners!

Who does not love Chicago but not everyone can be in Chicago. But one can surely bring Chicago home! Thanks to the beautiful canvas and wall art pieces that showcase beautiful scenes inside of your house.

Although it is not usual to find wall art having buildings of places in most decorations, it is bliss for travel enthusiasts. Moreover, the whole point of decorating is acceptance of your decoration style. With the exclusive offers on beautiful canvas and decoration items, developing your humble abode is not a distant dream.

Placing canvas

Skyscrapers, the view of the lake, and nighttime visions are some of the most popular travel-themed wall arts that one can spot on our site.


For every theme, it is imperative to make it comfortable while adding the details. Along with the canvas art, adding soft furnishings that speak of travel chronicles adds a feature to the overall concept in the rooms. Pillow covers with maps or white bedsheets with a photo montage of your trips help you find that traveler within your peace. Create a cozy nook with a quilt, a canvas with Chicago print, and a lampshade with a travel quote. Throw in pillows to the corner sofa that have a face of a particular tribe.

Using furnishings

If you have the theme throughout the house, use the products in subtle forms. At least one piece in each room looks sufficient. Try not overdoing it, though.

Decoration pieces

The globes painted in hues of black and white, travel souvenirs, currency from travel destinations into a canvas frame, suitcases as wall shelves in creative DIYs can help you go places without stepping from your address! Think like artists and, your home will never be the same. In addition to the popular canvas of travel places, explore ones that have lighthouses, bridges, and skyscrapers to give a modern yet rustic look. One can place local souvenirs from a woman selling as a sign of remembrance.

Some quick tips

Another popular product in the recently viewed items of travel-related stuff is the ship wheel clock. It adds a touch of adventure and explorations to the home. Consider placing this at the entrance of your home and start your journey while you stay physically at your address. A voyage on which you can go, without any permission or passports!


You look at a travel ad and crave to step outside. But, you cannot! So, you create one travel destination and that is your home.

Amongst all of the canvas, art pieces, and artists' favorites on offers, which one will you choose from our shop ? Do share with us.

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