Dining room decor ideas

After you're done looking at the trends for the kitchen, living room and bedroom, it's time to focus on a room that is underestimated but deserves just as much attention: the dining room. This is the space where we eat with our families during the week and have lunch with our friends on weekends. It's a friendly and practical space that should be taken into account when designing our homes. So, what do you think is the best dining room decor trend for 2022?

1.1 What are the trends related to the backdrop?
1.2 Preferred furniture and moderate eclecticism in the design of the trendy dining area
1.3 Which dining room trend for accessories?
As we move into 2022, each space will have its own unique dining room trends! These trends will be related to the backdrop, furniture, and accessories used in the design of the trendy dining area. For example, we may see more prefer bold and colorful backdrops, moderate eclecticism in the furniture choices, and sleek and minimalist accessories.

Each space has its own dining room trend in 2022!

Don't worry if you don't have a proper dining room, but just a small dining area between the kitchenette and the living room. The decorating ideas we've compiled for you can be adapted to any available layout and area. Some of them can be copied directly, others will require some modifications, but each design promises to give you at least one good idea to implement at home! 

What are the modes related to the background? 

2022 is the year of dining room decoration diversity! There are three main schools of thought when it comes to what your dining room's background should look like and each one is just as attractive as the last. The first trend for 2022 is to go for a completely blank or sober backdrop. This

As you can imagine, a white wall paint brightens up the space and allows the layered furniture and accessories to stand out. Likewise, it's a fairly flexible option stylistically, as it works equally well in modern rooms as it does in country chic and classic locations, among others.

The diametrically opposed alternative is to use one or more bold colors to adorn the walls of the room. Apparently, wall paint in intense color and wallpaper with a variegated pattern are in! Of course, this dining room decor trend is less flexible, but it creates a lot of good mood and one should definitely take it into consideration when designing his decor.

Halfway between the first two suggestions, you can paint all the walls white except for one which will assume a bold hue and become your piece de resistance. Of course, this wall could just as easily be the fifth... Yes, a colored ceiling is totally eye-catching, especially when the rest is all white!

 Our favorite 2022 dining room decor trend? It's the dark and decadent background! Achieve it with a deep tone matte wall paint or via dark wall trim and create a truly exclusive space. Don't forget to balance it out with plenty of glass, brass and gold mid-century modernist accents.

Preferred furniture and moderate eclecticism in trendy dining area design

Looking at today's trendy furniture, we notice that the emphasis falls on chairs or seats, in general. Obviously, the large solid wood dining table is still classic and chic, but you have to know how to plan what the final style will be if you surround it with transparent chairs, banquettes or rattan chairs. The key is to maintain a cohesive look that is both stylish and timeless.

Dining room decorating trend 2022: highlighting imperfections instead of hiding them


Blue velvet sofa, swivel tulip armchairs and wood and Corian table in perfect symbiosis

The spaces recreating mid-century modern are top notch!

Tolix metallic chairs introduce a touch of industrial spirit to the country chic room

What is the trend for dining room accessories?


Fascinating combination of vintage furniture, brass suspension & exotic kilim.

An oversized mirror is always welcome in the dining room classroom