Tropical LeopardTropical Leopard Tropical Leopard

Tropical Leopard

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Tropical ChimpanzeeTropical Chimpanzee Tropical Chimpanzee

Tropical Chimpanzee

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Hidden Female LionHidden Female Lion Hidden Female Lion

Hidden Female Lion

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Hidden TigerHidden Tiger Hidden Tiger

Hidden Tiger

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Tropical PantherTropical Panther Tropical Panther

Tropical Panther

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Tiger Oil PaintingTiger Oil Painting Tiger Oil Painting

Tiger Oil Painting

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Hidden LionHidden Lion Hidden Lion

Hidden Lion

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Forest LionForest Lion Forest Lion

Forest Lion

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Eyes contact 1Eyes contact 1 Eyes contact 1

Eyes contact 1

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The wolfThe wolf The wolf

The wolf

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Floral TigerFloral Tiger Floral Tiger

Floral Tiger

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Eyes contact 3Eyes contact 3 Eyes contact 3

Eyes contact 3

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Leopard Taj MahalLeopard Taj Mahal Leopard Taj Mahal

Leopard Taj Mahal

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The HustlerThe Hustler The Hustler

The Hustler

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Flamingo Hermitage MuseumFlamingo Hermitage Museum Flamingo Hermitage Museum

Flamingo Hermitage Museum

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Black LeopardBlack Leopard Black Leopard

Black Leopard

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What is one decor trend that every other interior is in love with? And, you get to see it almost everywhere. It has got to be animal wall art.

If you thought that it was reserved just for the kid's bedroom, there is more beauty in it. Keep reading while we provide a complete insight about how to transform your home with animal wall art.

Glam up space

These wall arts do not have to all lush green where you can hardly spot the animals. Search for animal wall arts that have details in metallic. If you shop according to relevance, the pieces you purchase never seem odd on the walls of your home or even workplace. Do not shy away from using canvases that have zebra or giraffes and similar prints. These take glamour in the interior to the next level.

Go contemporary

Add relevance to your contemporary ambiance in the home with the help of animal wall art. Classic and not just a fad, these pieces can include artwork from renowned artists and even abstract format. The best part about these is that they are not all trends but are evergreen. These have relevance for years to come and unflinching by the sign of changing trends.

The rustic look

Whether it is the rustic look you are willing to create that focuses on a vintage farmhouse style, animal wall art is the go-to option. Sheep, dogs, pigs, and horses can do it just right. Additionally, pay attention to the background walls. Beige, cream, or yellowish tints look the best in this style. For a change, the modern edge goes for unconventional typography kind of animal wall art.

Pop up color

Bringing life to insipid walls is achievable with the help of any wall art that has natural creatures. Probably because nature has blessed animals with beautiful patterns, horns, and colors, using their presence in apartments can cheer up space. We recommend going for artwork that has a bundle of colors and conveys joy to your rooms.

The kid's room

Using fauna in kids' bedrooms sounds cliche, but there is a charm in using these that can help you bring joy to your address, especially for the kids. You can also choose these to educate your little kids about the little things related to animals. And all this while their friends can't help but admire their gorgeous and funky room.


Whether you aim to shop for your office or your home interiors, the fauna-related canvas can have relevance with almost every style of decoration. Ranging from adding correct hues to bringing the zoo into kid's bedroom, it works for almost everything.

Certain tips come in handy when you buy and, keep in mind the size and design of the wall and room in question.

Finally, look for animal wall art that glorifies the shade palette in your home.

Set aside all your worries and checkout with the beautiful fauna canvas you have added to your cart. The delivery is possible at your doorstep and, the collection is simply beautiful. Click here to discover what they are selling!

Frequently Asked Question

1. How can I turn blank walls into interesting ones with wall art?

We offer a wide range of animal wall art prints that help you transform your blank walls. With more than 700 models, our wall arts can bring life, motivation & happiness to your walls. Create an ambiance that will make your life better every day.

2. What are the types of wall art prints available on Motivart?

At Motivart, we offer a huge collection of animal wall art prints that take glamour in the interior to the next level. Our collection includes:

  • Charging Bull
  • Banksy Dj Monkey Gorilla Chimp
  • Tropical Leopard
  • Monkey Above Trio
  • Hidden Female Lion
  • Tropical Chimpanzee
  • Chimps Houses Of Parliament
  • Hidden Tiger
  • Tropical Panther
  • Banksy - Leopard
  • Bison Incoming
  • Tiger Oil Painting
  • and more.
3. What are the animal wall art sizes available on Motivart?

We offer multiple sizes for single, 3-panel and 5-panels wall art.

Single Panel
  • 16X12" (40X30cm)
  • 24X16" (60X40cm)
  • 36X24" (90X60cm)
  • 40X30" (100X75cm)
  • 60X40" (150X100cm)
  • 24X36" (60X90cm)
  • 24X48" (60X120cm)
  • 36X70" (90X180cm)
  • 40X60" (100X150cm)
  • 40X88" (100X225cm)
  • 24X36" (60X90cm)
  • 24X48" (60X120cm)
  • 36X70" (90X180cm)
  • 40X60" (100X150cm)
  • 40X88" (100X225cm)

For more information, please contact us. One of our experts will answer all your questions.

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