Gray marbleGray marble Gray marble

Gray marble

From CHF 71
Gold IceGold Ice Gold Ice

Gold Ice

From CHF 71
Golden ScratchGolden Scratch Golden Scratch

Golden Scratch

From CHF 71
Waves MarbleWaves Marble Waves Marble

Waves Marble

From CHF 71
Mountain view by JMountain view by J Mountain view by J

Mountain view by J

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Ocean TextureOcean Texture Ocean Texture

Ocean Texture

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Abstract buddha (dark tons)Abstract buddha (dark tons) Abstract buddha (dark tons)

Abstract buddha (dark tons)

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Petals Zoom ViewPetals Zoom View Petals Zoom View

Petals Zoom View

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Pellucid ReworkPellucid Rework Pellucid Rework

Pellucid Rework

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The good sideThe good side The good side

The good side

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Golden CrystalGolden Crystal Golden Crystal

Golden Crystal

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Green CrystalGreen Crystal Green Crystal

Green Crystal

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Liquid Marble TextureLiquid Marble Texture Liquid Marble Texture

Liquid Marble Texture

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Glowing GraniteGlowing Granite Glowing Granite

Glowing Granite

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Infographics on an Blue and black Abstract Blue and black Abstract wall art hanging in a living room	Blue and black Abstract wall art hanging in a living room

Broken landscape

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Liquid TextureLiquid Texture Liquid Texture

Liquid Texture

From CHF 71

Abstract wall art is a beautiful and simple way to depict complex ideas with simple shapes, patterns colors, and perspectives of the artist. Abstract artwork does not replicate the visual reality yet connects you to the world around using the simple and basic shape of objects around.

Abstract wall art has an enormous impact on the kind of vibe that it can generate. And, it is unfair to keep it restricted to your living room or the dining room only.

So, we will discuss ideas to use abstract art, not just in usual places such as the dining area. But also in the rooms that have more potential but stay out of focus. 

Abstract Wall art in the bedroom

The bedroom is the place to relax and rejuvenate. And, that in no way has the hidden meaning that abstract art prints cannot occupy a space in the bedroom walls.

However, choose carefully to make the art stand out yet not emerge as too overwhelming for the bedroom. And how can anyone pick an abstract art that does not end up too dramatic for the bedroom? 

Search and select an abstract artwork that blends with the colors and tones in the room. A canvas that incorporates the soft hues can ensure symmetry with the furniture and other items in the bedroom turns out a great choice.

In the kitchen

Why the kitchen? The kitchen is not a dull place that is meant for cooking. It is the ones who are in the home that deserve the most love. And, one of the popular ways to show this love is through abstract art print placement. Fortunately, for the kitchen, vibrant patterns full of color are the show-stealer. The reason lies in the fact that the kitchen already has a pop of color because of the veggies and small items. When you feature art from abstract artists that fills more color to the kitchen, there is an aesthetically pleasing effect. Needless to say, cooking becomes enjoyable and the food becomes tastier.

A tip that is helpful when it comes to choose the canvas art favorites for the kitchen, pay attention to the size of the canvas. The kitchen can look and feel amazing only when it is functional.

Gallery or foyer area

If you have a huge foyer area and keep searching for ideas to draw the attention of the people away from the empty walls, abstract artwork will let you promote beauty in the space. Placing art prints inside the home is sort of a rule. But, putting these in the foyer or the gallery speaks of creativity and takes the cake. When a guest is to enter your home, they get to view a beautiful art piece with unique and abstract prints. It gives them a sign that you are welcoming them and they keep expecting to see more beauty in the decor inside.

And, you can find them coming back to your address for seeking inspiration when they plan to purchase art for their interiors.


With the changing time, the office is no longer a gray-colored and dull space with no life. Some ideas work to convert it into a place that employees can love. And, even if it is the home office, one can transform it into a happy place that they love. Calm, dynamic, or fun are the most popular choices of feeling that one would need in their office. Also, when you are trying abstract, it gives you the liberty to do the unexpected. Like hanging it in the less common rooms. So why not try something different from the obvious places to hang it. Place it tactfully around other art pieces that convey the same vibe.

Say, if you always place a painting large in size at the entrance, then go for the dining area or reception. And, for a bolder choice one at the lounge area and a bigger abstract in your cabin. 


No generalizations but if you love books, there is a higher chance that you will love art. Specifically, the art from abstract artists is a form of art that a lot of people who are into books also love. Next to your wooden color bookshelf, a form of abstract style art prints looks pleasing to the eye. Be bold and select a vibrant art print with an abstract structure. For a study that teens in your home use, find an art print with a vague sign or photography that is in the form of an abstract style watercolor art canvas.

The same tricks apply to a reading nook.

What else to consider?

Shopping for the little objects and art pieces for your dream home is enjoyable rather than tiring. However, for the love of art and artists, it is possible to end up spending more local currency than you thought about.

The pro tip involves choosing the frame according to the art print on your desired canvas. A few abstract style canvas pieces look outstanding with the black frame while some shine without any frame at all! That is the significance the frames hold for canvas art print.

Similarly, the shape inside the canvas does leave an impact. And, so does the size of the canvas art.

If you are a fan of independent artists, you will also need to take care of the price that you are ready to spend. The original wall paintings come at a price range that can be a sign of overspending.

Art from various artists, canvas with art prints, abstract prints! It can be too much if you do not have the right recommendations and place to shop. A local store or a website that sells prints on exclusive offers will be a dream come true for a decoration lover or someone who is transforming their home into a better place.

So, there is It is one site that will assure that your plan of home decoration with beautiful wall canvas is a joy ride. Probably, that is why the site has offers on the art print. They have a coupon or two for their buyers.

Maybe it is the hint to start adding canvas art print into your cart and view your spaces with new canvas art.


There are unwritten rules for decorating your space. There are a few that are related to placing abstract art favorites in different rooms. But, with the continuously evolving decoration ideas, there is an acceptance for otherwise unusual tactics. It also includes making use of abstract artwork in a variety of places that were often not found and explored. 

And, now that you have read it and know about ways that you can out to use to include abstract prints check the exclusive offers on to shop for gorgeous abstract art prints.

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