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Glow With The FlowGlow With The Flow Glow With The Flow

Glow With The Flow

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Aerial dark blue waves

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New Door ( Nevy Blue Version)New Door ( Nevy Blue Version) New Door ( Nevy Blue Version)

New Door ( Nevy Blue Version)

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Ocean TextureOcean Texture Ocean Texture

Ocean Texture

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Petals Zoom ViewPetals Zoom View Petals Zoom View

Petals Zoom View

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Does the thought of decorating your interiors seem too overwhelming and you run out of ideas when you aim to style your home? If you face the same dilemma, it is time to get a hold of it.

The use of wall art in home decor is not a new trend as it has been there for a long and is here to stay. So, let us get united and dig deeper to make use of wall arts to turn your home into a beautiful place.

Consider the texture

Textured walls are in. And so are smooth silky walls. So, it is essential to sort the canvas of your choice keeping in mind the color, size as well as texture of the walls. A canvas that may look like a dream come true on a smooth surface can have a different look on a rustic coarse surface. Shopping for a canvas may seem trivial but it is a responsibility that involves considering several aspects.

Flip it

Before you choose that canvas with a white frame to go on your gray walls, remember the size of the space and choose depending on it. When the painting is the subject in the room, it is crucial to consider the pattern of the canvas. Horizontal and vertical canvas is the abundantly used art canvas designs. So, flipping it right along the height or width also has an impact on the united outcome of the placement.

Create symmetry

The curtains, artifacts, and furniture in your home require uniformity to tell a story. The same law applies to use of the wall art or canvas in the interiors. It is more useful when you are placing several small-sized wall arts on the wall rather than choosing one oversized canvas art. When you pick several smaller items, they should either be in a common theme or an example of mix and match done right. Do not hold back from whatever is your style when creating symmetry.

Mark it right

After being certain about the placement of the wall art, never forget to try the dry placement of the canvas before you hammer the nails. Furthermore, grab a scale and see that the canvas aligns along a straight line. For heavy and bigger canvas, the best idea is to use stronger nails. Using items such as command hooks may be the better choice for small or medium canvas. When choosing these items, allow preference to functionality more than what you like, as it will mean fewer problems later.


Different factors influence the final result that one can accomplish with the placement of canvas. Even the simple design of the frame can govern what your guests get to see in the end. Develop your manner to add color and pop to your rooms with canvases and bringing life to your interiors will become easier than you thought. And, if it is the price of these canvases that stops you from reinventing your place, offers shipping along with the great offers on the price of these classic canvas art!