FriendsFriends Friends


From $82.99
Just we twoJust we two Just we two

Just we two

From $82.99
Take-offTake-off Take-off


From $82.99
Common BuzzardCommon Buzzard Common Buzzard

Common Buzzard

From $82.99
DesembarcoDesembarco Desembarco


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EgoEgo Ego


From $82.99
Family flamingosFamily flamingos Family flamingos

Family flamingos

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FightingFighting Fighting


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Flamingo HidingFlamingo Hiding Flamingo Hiding

Flamingo Hiding

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FlamingoFlamingo Flamingo


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Leaving at dawnLeaving at dawn Leaving at dawn

Leaving at dawn

From $82.99
Serenity IISerenity II Serenity II

Serenity II

From $82.99
Three flamingosThree flamingos Three flamingos

Three flamingos

From $82.99
FlightFlight Flight


From $82.99
Where I StoodWhere I Stood Where I Stood

Where I Stood

From $87.99

If you want to create a tropical atmosphere at your home, you cannot go wrong with a perfect wall art prioritizing bird motifs. Check out the bird canvas arts and the photography based canvas arts by Motivart artists. Our team of artists endeavor to make beautiful canvas designs that will enhance the overall beauty of your home. Irrespective of which design you choose it can completely change the look of the room. Say for instance, you select the 'Brown Mountain' which is 'Designed by Artists' you can bring a pop of color and give the room an inspirational appeal. The motif of birds flying freely across the mountains will resonate with the theme of a free-spirited mind. It will represent a free ans welcoming home. So our collection of wall art is designed to appeal to the artist and the free-spirit in you.

Enhancing the beauty of your home

A perfect canvas of birds can give your home a completely different look. Before you select a canvas search for other canvases done by the artists before selecting one. You will find when you search that there are canvases with the image of a single bird, while other canvased have two or more birds. Similarly, you can even find a canvas where there is more use of bright colors making the image colorful. If you want the room to be bright and cheerful then you can choose a canvas that has more use of colors and uses more primary colors. Such painting and wall art are ideal to put up in children's rooms.

Choosing the perfect canvas

When you are selecting a canvas the priority should be the appearance of the room. If you are selecting a canvas for living or bedrooms then you should opt for abstract designs. Here a more subtle use of color will enhance the overall appeal and atmosphere of the rooms. The canvas you select for the informal dining space of your home should be cheerful and attractive. This is suitable for casual gatherings and the canvas should reflect the mood. Thus, the print or the wall art you select should depend on the use of the rooms and overall aesthetic appeal of place. It should correspond to the color scheme and overall interior of your home. A canvas should blend in with the design of your home and make it beautiful.

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