Waves MarbleWaves Marble Waves Marble

Waves Marble

From $74.97
Mountain view by JMountain view by J Mountain view by J

Mountain view by J

From $74.97
Ocean TextureOcean Texture Ocean Texture

Ocean Texture

From $74.97
The Lennon Wall Canvas Wall ArtThe Lennon Wall Canvas Wall Art The Lennon Wall Canvas Wall Art

The Lennon Wall Canvas Wall Art

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Petals Zoom ViewPetals Zoom View Petals Zoom View

Petals Zoom View

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Green CrystalGreen Crystal Green Crystal

Green Crystal

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Liquid Marble TextureLiquid Marble Texture Liquid Marble Texture

Liquid Marble Texture

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Glowing GraniteGlowing Granite Glowing Granite

Glowing Granite

From $74.97
New York IllustrationNew York Illustration New York Illustration

New York Illustration

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Liquid TextureLiquid Texture Liquid Texture

Liquid Texture

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Chicago canvas wall artChicago canvas wall art Chicago canvas wall art

Chicago canvas wall art

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Blurry and aerial viewBlurry and aerial view Blurry and aerial view

Blurry and aerial view

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Smoke WaveSmoke Wave Smoke Wave

Smoke Wave

From $74.97
Atmosphere blue skyAtmosphere blue sky Atmosphere blue sky

Atmosphere blue sky

From $74.97
Aerial view of oceanAerial view of ocean Aerial view of ocean

Aerial view of ocean

From $74.97
Moraine Lake CanvasMoraine Lake Canvas Moraine Lake Canvas

Moraine Lake Canvas

From $74.97

Panel wall art is trendy and adds a character to the walls by adding color and intensity. They are unique and certainly different than single-frame or canvas paintings. Further, these panel canvases are perfect for the home of decoration enthusiasts. Especially for those who wish to create an impression with less. But is the hype for these paintings worth it, or is it another decoration craze that will fade away with time.

Why choose 3 panel wall art?

Apart from adding shades to a boring area, panel wall arts have more to them than regular paintings.

While 2 panel wall art can seem too little, 3 pieces of canvas do justice and create an image of balance. Alternatively, more than 3 piece canvas art choices may seem to be too overwhelming 

The canvas prints in paneled forms permit the liberty to cover a bigger space on the wall. Also known as the triptychs, the paintings have an added benefit. It allows one to opt for prominent wall arts that are even lightweight.

These gorgeous canvas prints come in varied designs and textures. So many so that they have options for everyone. If you need to cover space at a horizontal or vertical level, place an order keeping in mind the same. They do require some precision when hanging but, the result is pure beauty. Here is an insight into the various options that go with almost every room and interior.


Amongst all the choices for paintings, nature is one of the most popular ones. Flowers, sea beaches, trees or mountains, canvas prints revolving around the nature theme are evergreen. When you love these elegant print choices and are willing to decorate, keep yourself open to going for variation in the items and art pieces of nature as you stock them for later use. This is one category of decoration pieces that are hard to miss in your cart when adding products.


Vibrant paintings in panels with beautiful patterns that include geometric or any similar hung on the walls can cheer up the corners of the house. Circles, zig-zag patterns, or a rugged texture like prints, are simple yet create a visual that one cannot help but adore. The idea is not to rush. But, try browsing a our website that has paintings with options of colors and designs blending in with the relevance of the theme works. Placing a pattern with monochrome or two solid colors also works wonders.


If you are creative and do not shy away from being bold, these paintings are suitable for that extra edge. Animals or wildlife-themed canvas prints shopping is fun and, hanging them is even better. While there are frequently-used options such as horses or fishes, striking canvas prints with a dog, a tiger, or a cow can help showcase the animal-lover side. Play along and choose some 3-panel wall arts that are different than the usual monochrome ones.

Contemporary canvas prints

What can add more glamor to a modern home or corporate office than art pieces that have great print and are easy to hang? Probably nothing! 3 piece art pictures in varied color and size in contemporary prints lie on the waitlist for decoration freaks because of the relevance they possess.

Take away!

Decorating walls allows you to let the interiors communicate while you admire and relax!

Speaking interiors and transforming the appearance of a room involves using some art pieces. One that stands out is 3 piece wall canvas prints and paintings. While the interior revamps process requires one to stock a few pictures, ensure that your house has a touch of the paneled art canvas. If you do not have any your search ends here!

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