How to choose the size of the wall art?

How to choose the size of the wall art?

The elegance of a perfectly painted wall art is conditional to a selection of the right size of the canvas. Size can uplift or undermine the beauty of your wall décor. Therefore, the size of a piece of wall art matters a lot!

Considering the essentiality of the right size selection, we have come up with a set of simple and easy to use guidelines for you. This detailed sizing guide comes with ideas and PRO tips to select the right size for your favourite piece of art.

Let’s dive down to know more!

  • Consider the proportions of your wall
  • Proportions of a wall play a basic role in the selection of the size of the wall art. That perfect piece of wall art with an admiring splash of colours to make an aesthetical appeal would all go in vain if you do not select the right size home.

    Here you go with some basic tips to consider while selecting the size of wall art!

    1. Go For A Vertical Size Of Wall Art For A Narrow Wall!
    If you want to add a piece of wall art to the wall with a narrow proportion then vertical painting must be your choice to let the art dominate the room. You can get the ultimate luxury that a piece of wall art can offer to a vertical wall with a portrait size wall art.

    Here you go with some amazing vertical wall art ideas. Just check out!

    1. Select The Horizontal Size Of Wall Art For A Wide Wall

    If the wall is broad in proportion then you must opt for a horizontal size of wall art to create all the drama. It is the landscape size that is uplifting the element of style in this living room.


    A few more ideas to go!

  • Measuring the wall
  • The measurement of the wall is the crucial step that makes you ponder what size would go well with it. There are three basic guiding principles to ascertain the size of a wall. Here you go!

  • Measure from above the furniture
  • If you want to add a piece of art to a wall accompanying furniture, then you must ensure that the piece of wall art should be between 2/3 to 3/4 of the width of the furniture. It is a simple principle that would boost the look of your rooms by helping you select the right size of the wall art.

    • PRO Tip!

    If the width of your settee is 6 feet, multiply it by 0.66 and 0.75. You need a canvas between 3.96 feet to 4.5 feet wide to fit excitingly above the settee.

    1. Only Consider the Empty Wall while Measuring!

    When you are measuring your wall to ascertain the right size of the wall art, you must not measure the entire wall. Rather, consider and measure only that proportion of wall that is not occupied by any furniture. Large-sized wall art must occupy the proportion of the empty space of a wall.

    • PRO Tip!

    If the height of your empty wall (above sofa) is 9 feet and the width is 5 feet.

    Multiply 9 by 0.66 and 5 by 0.75 to calculate the right size for your wall art with an approach followed by interior designers. You would know that the appropriate size of wall art for your room ranges between 5.6 to 6.75 feet.


    1. One Size Fits All!

    If you are selecting the wall art for your living room’s photo gallery, that is above furniture, then the right size of the wall art would be 52"H x 32"W. This size fits all the wide walls.

    You can make it an invisible frame to fit all the small and mini canvas.

    You can also incorporate a wall gallery in your bedroom, kitchen, or hallway.

    See how you can incorporate a photo gallery in various spaces of your home:

    Here you go with some exciting wall décor ideas creating a photo gallery in your home! Just check out how the size of each piece of wall art is selected to create elegance!

    • PRO Tip!

    For an oversized Photogallery, use these dimensions considering the proportions of the wall:

    • 66"H x 33"W
    • 36"H x 75"W

    1. Use the painter’s tape to ascertain the suitable size

    If you are loving a canvas online and wanted to see what dimension would suit your wall then use the painter’s tape to outline the dimensions of the wall art, Now you may step back to click a photo in a landscape mode to see how the wall art would look in your room if you order it with these certain dimensions.

    1. Choosing a canvas to hang above the mantel!

    There are PRO tips to choose the right size of canvas to hang above the mantel.

    • Canvas should be 75% of the width of the mantel.
    • Select the width of the canvas as per the width of the opening of the fireplace to create a symmetry, regardless of the size of the mantel.
    • If you intend to frame your piece, don't forget to factor frame size into your choice. This isn’t necessary when hanging with unframed canvases.
    1. Determining the height of the painting from the floor!
    • Hang the piece of wall art 57” above the floor, as per the general rule.
    • Or go for the empty wall and hang it as:

    The larger the artwork, the lower you can hang it!

    1. Select the size considering the piece of art!
    • If an original work has horizontal dimensions, then ordering it in vertical proportions would require you to give up on the rest of the design portrayed in the original image.
    • If you are ordering a customized size that is disproportionate from the original size, the canvas store would deliver you a cropped painting that would leave you surprised due to its variation from the original one.
    • The standard sizes keep the original ratio intact between the height and the width of the artwork originally painted. So, go for it if you find yourself stuck.

    To the simplest narration, if you don’t want to give up on the canvas design while altering the size of a square painting, then keep the ratio same as 1:1. You can increase the size like:

  • 20x20 inch
  • 33x33 inch
  • 45x45 inch
  • If you want to order a rectangular canvas whose width is greater than its height then follow ratio to get the same canvas as original in your desired size. Here you go with our PRO tip!

    If the ratio is 2:3; the width is 1.5 inches wider than the height:

    Select the proportionate sizes for this canvas as:

    Width of the canvas

    Height of the canvas







    So, order the right size like a BOSS!

    Enjoy the Treat!

    Here you go with the cheat sheet to select the right size of wall art!

    Width of Wall

    Recommended Width of Wall Art



















    Worried because the width of your wall is above or below the width provided in the cheat sheet?

     Don’t worry! Just multiply the width of your wall by 65% and you would get the recommended width for your wall art.

     Chill around and reach us for more ideas and sizing guides!