How to choose a wall art (step by step)

 How to choose a wall art



Our home is a reflection of our personality, aesthetics, and love for art. An astounding piece of wall art in a well-ornamented room is a cherry on the top!


Wall art gives a complete look to a room by adding an attractive finish to the lonely walls. Wall art makes your home more inviting.


If you love to improve your home and add grace to your existing interior design, then selecting an amazing wall art piece is something you must do!


But the selection of wall art is not a piece of cake for everyone.


Every piece of the jaw-dropping collections of wall art inspire you and instigate you to bring it home, leaving you puzzled within that art horizon.


Therefore, the interior designers are always asked for suggestions to select the right size of wall art considering the room space.


Many people find it challenging to select the right art piece for a certain room. Others face trouble pairing two different pieces of art for one wall.


In order to address these frequently asked questions, we have here to guide you towards ascertaining the perfect piece of art that you must choose for your home.


Let’s scroll down to know more!


Selecting the Wall Art

Art is a form of self-expression! The selection of the right size, style, and scenery of the pieces you love plays a huge role as it genuinely improves your home.

So, the struggle you do searching and selecting the right piece of art for your home is worth the effort.

One cannot underestimate the magical effect that a single piece of art can bring to your interior design. So, let’s get straight to it!

Being very fair, every piece of art inspires us and makes us fall for it!


What would you do if five to six pieces of wall art fascinate you, while your budget allows you only one?


The best advice we can give you is considering these factors while selecting an adorning piece of art to decorate your walls.


  • Select the Wall Art by Size

    Decorating a room with wall art requires a bit of research.

    You need to consider :
    - the size of the room
    - the layout of the room
    - the size of the walls where you want to hang that piece of art


    The basic factor that you must consider while selecting wall art is the right size of the piece that you are going to buy.

    The PRO tip: Keep the required size in mind to make a smart wall art choice!

    Here you go with the basic guidelines required to choose the right size of the wall art.


    Sentence to introdue the different definitions and categories related to the size


    Oversized Wall Art:


    Oversized wall art attracts everyone’s attention at once and works as a central point of the interior design of living space.

    Wall art with a length of 100 centimeters or more is categorized as an oversized piece.


    Motiv-art Tips: Always measure your space before you make a purchase decision so that the wall may accommodate this oversized piece of elegance.


    Large Wall Art:


    A piece of wall art with a length between 80 to 100 centimeters is categorized as large wall art.


    It is the size that is placed in the center of a wall and creates a really eye-catching look.


    You can combine it with two mini-sized wall art pieces to create a character in the home décor.


    Motiv-art Tips: The experts recommend using no more than two large-sized wall art pieces in a large room.




    A piece of wall art with a length between 60 to 70 centimeters is categorized as a medium-sized piece.


    If you are planning to buy a piece of art for a small room then one medium-sized wall art piece will work well.


    However, if you want to decorate a large room then a symmetrical combination of medium-sized wall hangings will do all the magic.


    You can add four, six pieces, or more or less according to the size of the room.




    Wall art with a size between 45 to 59 centimeters is categorized as a small piece that looks awesome if placed on short walls or above the shelving.


    Motiv-art Tips: A combination of three to six wall hangings creates elegance in your home décor.




    Wall art with a size between 25 to 44 centimeters is categorized as a mini-sized piece. You can also create a galaxy of wall art using mini wall art pieces along a lengthy wall of your living room.


    • Select the Wall Art by Colors


    Wall art allows you to use bright and bold color schemes that you might only think of for your accent wall.


    The hottest interior designing trends portray that two approaches of color selection are considered for wall art.


    1. Select the wall art with the shades common with your home décor!

      As per the monotonous concept of color selection, it looks sophisticated and creates a calming effect if you can go for the wall art with the same colors that already exist in your living room.


      You can do it by considering the following tips:

      • You can select the wall art piece with a background color common with your wall color.
      • Refer to the colour wheel to make a perfect color choice.
      • Choose complementary shades.
      • Use tints and tones of the same color.
      • Get the wall art with colors equal proportion to the colors of your room.
      • If the shade of the wall art is there in your existing home décor only then select the wall art.
      • Black and white go well with everything. So, go off it when confused about color.
      • Be smart while selecting bright colors and avoid them if they don’t match with neutral wall colors.

      1. Go for shades bolder than your room’s color scheme!

        The wall color serves as a baseline for your palette and lets your creativity wander freely. Follow these tips to do it like a PRO!


        1. If you have neutral walls, then go for bright colors.
        2. Follow the same style or line of wall art with different colors.
        3. Either buy the wall art matching the existing style, texture, or colors of accessories or furniture.Or select the accessories according to the theme of your wall art to create elegance.
        4. Don’t ignore the undertones.If you have a dark teel colour sofa covering most of the living room’s space, then adding a wall painting with teel colour will create magnificence.
        5. Incorporate style by adding a wall art with two or three shades of the same colour.


          • Select the Wall Art by Theme

          Do you love to follow a certain theme for your home decor? Or just purchase whatsoever that inspires your inner self?


          You would be surprised to see that your home reflects a certain theme no matter whether you have managed to do it intentionally or not.


          This is because our personalities are reflected through our home décor. So, your subconscious has run the show!


          However, decorating a home without a theme lacks a little bit of symmetry that an interior design with a certain theme offers.

          Therefore, the top interior designer recommends following a certain theme.


          All you need to do is to:

        1. Identify your existing theme and follow it.
        2. Opt for any exciting theme and then align your home décor purchase patterns according to it.

          You can select the wall art following the theme of your home décor.  Here you go with some home décor themes to inspire you:


          • Beach Life
            • Boho-chic
            • Abstract
              • Vintage Beauty
                • Explore the World
                  • Its all about Greens
                    • A touch of royalty with violets
                      • Magnificent of Oceans
                        • Love being in the Woods


                        People who love to decorate their homes with a concept enjoy several perks as they save up remodeling costs, avoid impulsive buying and always manage to get appreciation from their friends and family.


                        • Select the Wall Art by Style


                        The PRO tip for selecting the most unique piece of wall art that goes well with your home décor is picking a style statement.


                        It makes the purchase choice much easier by selecting the wall art according to the style you are in love with!


                        Now that you have already managed to select the right size required, the color scheme you want, and the theme that you love to follow.


                        Let’s get a little more directed towards our wall décor goals! You can have a vintage look, a perfect contemporary minimalist look, or simply want to go BOHO!


                        Wondering how??


                        Here you go with some ideas of how it works!


                        • Don’t hesitate to spend for a significant oversized piece of wall art.

                          • Add the wooden frame or wooden pieces of art to your home décor as a style statement.


                            • Let the metal objects dominate your home décor.


                              • Imagine the beauty that frames add to your wall décor.


                                • A set of wall art, a trio, or even asymmetrical group of mini wall art can do all the magic by adding details to your interior design.
                                • Select the Wall Art by Emotion


                                As we know that every piece of art inspires our soul and leaves a deep impact on our moods and emotions.


                                We can select the wall art by the emotion we want us to dominate the most.

                                All of us are different and so are our preferences.

                                Some people love the hip-hop theme of home decor while others want a peaceful and calming look.

                                Another fall for the Bohemian style where they can let their creativity flow like an ocean wave!


                                Here you go with some dominant emotions that can inspire you while selecting your wall art!

                                • Creativity 

                                It allows you to go for the wall art pieces with abstract art, black and whites or art with a massive splash of vibrant colours.



                                • Peacefulness

                                You can create a peaceful and calming environment of your home with a collection of wall art with neutral colours, as:


                                • Good Vibes

                                Wall art with soothing scenarios let you sit back, relax, and dive deep into your good memories.


                                • Motivation

                                Wall art that inspires you and injects massive energy and life into your moods every day is something worth having:


                                • Goal achievement

                                Wall art that inspires you to do something greater in life is irreplaceable.


                                • Culture immersion

                                You can select a piece of wall art with cultural inspiration.


                                • Glamour

                                Let the joy of glamour dominate your living space with such amazing wall art:



                                In a word, the exciting pieces of wall art not only define your walls but your entire interior design. All you need to do is to bring home the right piece of art following our simple and easy to use guidelines.
                                You would love your living space more than ever with the inspiring wall art pieces once you get them with a smart approach.

                                You can decorate your home while being inspired by your favorite piece of art that would suit your aesthetics as well. Let the wall art boost the look of your home décor!