Coffee table decor ideas : Guide & 20 ideas

Candles, vases, sculptures, serving tray, books... with so many options available, it can be difficult to decide how to style your coffee table. But don't worry, we've gathered 15 inspirational pictures to help you achieve a professional look for your living room's coffee table decoration.


Your coffee table is the star element of your living room, so don't let it get buried under a pile of magazines or breakfast dishes! Whether you have a simple coffee table or an ultra-designed one, it deserves to be showcased so that your living room can gain in style and soul.

Why decorate the center of your coffee table?


When leafing through decorating magazines, pinning inspirations on Pinterest, or browsing through the decorating catalogs of your favorite brands, you may have noticed that coffee tables are often subtly staged. The decorative accessories placed on its top are sometimes finely combined to form an elaborate construction, while in other cases they are completely haphazard but still brilliant. What counts for a successful coffee table decoration? That you want to admire the result, that a guest wants to touch the pretty things on the table, or that he understands the taste of the owners.


How to decorate it ?


There are many ways to decorate a coffee table, and the possibilities are nearly endless. A few simple tips can help you create a beautiful and eye-catching display that will be the perfect centerpiece for your living room.


Start by choosing a few key pieces that you want to feature on the table. A vase of fresh flowers, a beautiful candle, or a book you love are all great options. Once you have your focal point, build around it with smaller items (usually group per 3 items)  like coasters, a catch-all tray, or a few framed photos. arranging these items in a way that is pleasing to the eye and makes sense for the way you use your coffee table.


Don't be afraid to get creative with your coffee table decor. A few well-chosen pieces can create a stylish and inviting space that you and your guests will enjoy for years to come.

1. Combo Tray, books, candlescoffee table decor idea

2. For small coffee table : Tray with Greeneries, notebooks, bowl

Coffee table decor idea tray



3. Greenery, decoration and book


4. Decoration, book, candle

5. Set of 3 books, set of 3 decorations

6. Greenery, art, set of 3 books


7. Pot, Stack of books, bowl


8. Book, pot, and greenery


9. Wood tray, glass decoration, pine cone


10. Book, plates, greenery